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COL HR Pro is a comprehensive Human Resources Management System (HRMS) which provides a one-stop solution for companies of all sizes to achieve four key aspects in managing a successful people business:


Efficiency: Automated and comprehensive administration functionality not only eases routine HR administration workload, but also streamlines the HR processes throughout the entire lifecycle of employees
Effectiveness: Full compliance with local employment regulations, including EO713 and MWO, ensures accurate calculations of staff benefits and compensations. The fully web-based employee self-service platform streamlines HR service delivery process and automates approval workflow between employees and managers
Empowerment: Advanced functionality in talent requisition, employee performance assessment, staff attendance management and training & development plan uplifts strategic workfoce planning capability
Enlightenment: End user reporting and multi-dimensional HR diagnostics facilitate fact-based workforce analysis for strategic planning and informed decision making.


Functions from Efficiency to Excellence To cope with the dynamic roles of HR professionals as an administrator, advisor, planner and decision maker in talent management and build up your workforce as a team, HR Pro adopts the T.E.A.M. functions that address the HR responsibilities from the basic to advanced level:

• Employee Management
• Payroll & Benefit
• Taxation & MPF
• Leave Management
• End User Reporting
Self-service Portal
(via Web Browser &
Mobile App)
• e-Community
• e-Personal
• e-Leave
• e-Payslip
• e-Taxation
• e-Attendance
• e-Performance
• e-Training
• e-Recruitment
• e-Claim
Collaboration &
Workforce Planning
• Attendance Management
• Performance Management
• Training Management
• Recruitment Management
Uplifting HR
Strategic Analysis
• HR Analytics
Informed Decision
Support for
Company Growth
Document Management System to manage employee
P-files & HR-related documents

 Feature Highlights

Talent Administration Management

  • Compliance with local employment ordinance and regulations including EO713 & MWO
  • Support multi-company, multi-currency & multi-country calendars
  • Configurable parameters and user-defined formula for payroll calculation
  • Support bank auto-pay, MPF/ORSO & IR form handling
  • Support cost allocation
  • Special handling of employee separation and calculation of separation pay
  • Reminder page on important tasks for HR users, e.g. contract renewal, probation review, etc.
  • User-defined leave code, leave group & leave package settings
  • Comprehensive standard reports and reporting tools - Report Generator for ad hoc report generation
  • Multi-level security, role-based access right and sensitive field control

Employee Self-service Portal

  • View and update employee personal details according to approval settings
  • Download payslip & IR56B form
  • Leave application & approval with subordinate leave plan in Gantt chart & calendar formats
  • Online status tracking and approval workflow overview of leave application, performance appraisal, training course requisition & headcount requisition
  • Email alert on approval workflows
  • Employee expense claim with pre-approval function
  • Company directory and leave management via mobile devices (iOS & Android)

Advanced Workforce Planning

  • User-defined performance appraisal form with individual goal, competency & development plan settings
  • User-defined appraisal workflow with email notification & forced ranking functions
  • Support training course, class & session settings with nomination & enrollment functions
  • Record course attendance, examination results and update staff training history
  • Support integration with time-clock system and user-defined rosters for attendance management
  • Support headcount budget planning, headcount requisition & candidate information management

Managerial Strategic Analysis

  • Pre-built dashboards with data drill-down & associative search
  • In-depth multi-dimensional analysis of HR data for strategic human capital planning
  • Excel interface with batch import & export functions

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