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COL Enterprise Content Management Solutions are enterprise-grade end-to-end document management solutions to streamline and simplify the myriad of complex processes involving different users and document types, targeting at enterprises who would like to automate the lifecycle of their documents and manage their business processes intelligently. The solutions benefit enterprises from managing their corporate information with higher efficiency, better control and reduced costs by combining simplified storage, security control, version control, process routing, and retention.

Key highlights of the solutions include:

  • Capture and transport structured or semi-structured information in paper or electronic format into a content repository for reuse, distribution, and storage.
  • Captured documents and contents to be managed systematically and routed intelligently based on automated workflows according to the organisation’s internal business rules.
  • Archive and/or deliver all documents and contents to the right audience on the right device.

 Overview of COL Enterprise Content Management Solutions

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Enterprise Content Management Solutions

 Solution Components

Document  Scanning

Content  Recognition

Form Design

Business  Process  Automation

Document  Management

Content  Repository

Convert paper to digital format through outsourcing service

Extract structured and semi-structured information in paper and electronic formats

Create new forms for implementing automated form processing and document capture

Trigger document-driven business process through automated workflows according to business rules

Manage, retrieve, share, and search documents with version control and access control

Handle the long-term storage and backup of static, unchanging information in a secure manner

 Solutions for Specific Industries or Business Functions

Every industry and business unit has its own unique needs. Some are looking for simple search-and-retrieval, while others need to access information through primary business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM). Some enterprises might even want to enable the automation of repeatable processes such as case management, contract management, AP processing, digital mailroom and more.

COL Enterprise Content Management Solutions can tailor for the requirements of a particular industry (e.g. finance, retail, manufacturing, construction, logistics, healthcare, etc…), or as specific as a business function (e.g. accounting, operation, customer service, order processing, etc…).

Talk to our consultants about your requirements and we will provide the best fit solutions for you.