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COL Doc:brary is a web-based Document Management System (DMS) which manages paper and electronic documents in an effective, transparent and flexible way for companies of all sizes. Tackling the challenges of legacy document management, the system centralises a complete suite of office documents in electronic format for quick search and retrieval without occupying your workspace. Doc:brary supports Multilingual User Interface (MUI) including English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and also equips with the storing, searching, sharing, versioning, access control and mobile access functions.

 Overview of COL Doc:brary


Central document repository
Tree view display with unlimited folder hierarchy
Personal and corporate library for storing
File encryption


Document search by owner, creation date and last updated date
Category search
Full-text search


File sharing with access control through web browsers
Send link to email


Version control on files with version history
Document check-out/in for editing
Notification on file changes

Access Control

Owner-defined access permission by different levels
Permission settings including copy, delete, download, browse content and check-out

Mobile Access

Support common smartphones and tablet devices
Allow remote access to view and search documents

DropZone - Drag & Drop Filing

DropZone provides drag & drop capabilities between local workstation and Doc:brary server. Users can import folders or documents directly to Doc:brary or vice versa.

Polling Agent - Barcode Filing through Multifunction Printer (MFP)

Barcode filing works with the Polling Agent of Doc:brary. When the Polling Agent detects the barcode on the first page of the document, the document will be filed into the specified folder automatically.

Active Directory (AD) Integration - User Identity Authentication  

AD integration enables Doc:brary’s user identity authentication through customers’ AD server, which simplifies user management processes such as creating, authorising and updating users.

Doc:Scan - Zone OCR

Featuring Zone Optical Character Recognition (Zone OCR) technology, Doc:Scan allows users to specify regions to capture required texts in a document, such as invoice numbers, customer names, amounts, etc., which will then be automatically digitalised and indexed. This greatly improves the searching efficiency and minimises human input effort.

Cloud Doc:brary

Cloud Doc:brary opens doors for cloud storage and helps enterprises maximise office space and server capacity.

Riding on WTT's world-class FibreCloud infrastructure, enterprises can move large volumes of electronic documents to the cloud for hassle-free operations with enhanced security, mobility and productivity.

Retrievable Anytime Anywhere

Enables users to locate documents either on office desks or in remote offices through a web browser.

Multiple Search Methods

Supports search by document owner, creation date, last updated date, etc.

Full-text Search Feature

Searches documents by using document contents.

Owner-defined Access Control

Document owner to define access rights and permission settings over any individual documents with file encryption.

File Encryption

Any encrypted documents directly copied from Doc:brary system’s database cannot be opened.

Prevent Document Loss

Documents storage is centralised and documents are provided with permission settings and audit trail, preventing document from being deleted or amended by unauthorised parties and without trace.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Strict security and high availability of document ensure that enterprise to meet compliance mandates of specific industries.

Controlled Document Distribution

Document sharing in electronic format and can be restricted to “view” only without downloading right at owner’s choice.

Free Up Office Space

Less paper, more space.

Environmental Protection

Contributes to a greener environment.

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