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COL DecisionHR is an enterprise-class analytics tool that enables HR professionals and the management to make timely yet accurate decisions in strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) including analysing, planning, forecasting and formulating strategies based on up-to-date data instead of past experiences or rules of thumbs. With this powerful tool, HR professionals are able to visualise, demonstrate and simulate the effectiveness of your workforce strategies in hitting the targeted business objectives via dashboards with graphical view and data drill-down functionality.

 Feature Highlights

DecisionHR provides you with useful workforce insights by answering the questions in seven key subject areas of your HR data.

How can I understand current workforce trends and plan future needs?

What is the compensation distribution among countries?

What will the financial impact be if the salary increment is adjusted from 3% to 6%?

How do I know when to staff up or cut back?

Which units, departments, or individuals need attention?

Support personalized dashboards as per requirements

 How can DecisionHR help HR professionals and the
    management unlock HR data for strategic HCM planning?

Easy to Operate

  • Web-based platform allows instant access anytime, anywhere
  • User-friendly dashboard interface with graphical presentation and data drill-down
  • Support access to dashboards via mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android

Powerful Analytics Capabilities

  • In-depth analysis from regional to individual level
  • Multiple selections of country, company and department levels for analysis and comparison
  • User-defined parameters allow customised analysis for better insights into the data
  • Insights on current workforce and ‘what if’ scenarios for accurate decision making

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Extraction of analysis reports into Excel format
  • User-friendly report printouts with graphics
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