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COL DecisionInsurance is an insurance policy and claim analytics tool that puts insurance users in insurance industry in control of their business data at fingertips. With user interfaces that are clean, simple and straightforward, DecisionInsurance allows insurance to unlock huge business data from existing data stores into business analysis that help make timely informed strategic business decisions to monitor sales performance and risk management.


 Dashboard Highlights


Insurance-specific Analytics

Pre-built dashboards to provide business analysis on policy sales performance and claim loss at fingertips.
Enable insurers to keep track of policy sales performance by product types, brokers and agents
Measure broker performance based on sales amount, number of policy, premiums, claim paid and commission
Process provider claims by practice types and claim paid for risk management
Provide analysis on policyholder profile for relationship management

In-Memory Technology

Innovation is now reality. The tool overcomes the limitations of traditional BI tools that deliver static and prepackaged data, enabling business users to generate dynamic business data at their wish.

Business Discovery

User-driven technology empowers users to explore and unlock business data in 360-degree to make rapid, flexible and informed decisions at their fingertips.

Powerful Analytics

Pre-built dashboards with multi-dimensional analysis help decision makers gain actionable, specific insights into the business performance through graphical views, data drill-down and associative search.


Web-based access
Total mobility
Pre-built dashboards with industry know-how
Graphical views
Data drill-down
Associative search
Any source of data
Fast deployment
Data extraction to Excel
Graphical report printout
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